Thursday, April 22, 2010

Night Three - 'What's for Dinner?'

Okay, here's how it went down. I made dinner early because we had a busy night. Doctor's appointment for Max a.k.a. Sir snots-a-lot. Tee-ball practice, guitar lessons and hubby's home brewers club meeting at the local brewery. I made the Taco casserole. I used more spices than just the regular taco seasoning since we like things spicy. I also made a big salad with all the fixings the recipe called for, instead of putting them on top of each serving I served the casserole on a bed of the salad. Anyway, I left everything out on top of the stove so everyone could eat when they got hungry and had time. So, while I was running all over town, my mom, Norman, Jack and Max all grabbed plates. In some cases I think seconds were had. By the time I got around to having time to eat and take a picture...all that was left was a pile of dirty dishes...Grumble Grumble! The good news is, I think that is a glowing review, so this recipe is a keeper.

And, while I don't have a picture of the Taco casserole...I do have a picture of a new favorite. Yogurt pops. I had some yogurt about to go bad (see the date on the lid?). Anyway, I filled up some Popsicle molds, thank you IKEA, and YUM. Cheap and healthy...Sweet!

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